Ruby! Wow is she hilarious!

Lucy got her hair cut!

Fall Fun

Isn't Milo getting huge?? And I totally didn't realize at the time that Lucy was playing with a cabbage.

I LOVE Lucy's posing-for-the-camera smile.

I really like this picture, but Ruby is sooo annoyed here. For some reason she really didn't want her picture taken today. Everytime I would point the camera at her she would scream, "DON"T TAKE MY PICTURE!!!" It was very unlike her.

Lucy seemed really grown up today. I don't know what it was really... She was sweet and chatty and easy going (for the most part). She just seemed way older all of a sudden.

The neighbors were burning and the smoke and sunlight coming through the trees looked so amazing. I wish I could've captured it better.

Today was a really nice day. We spent the day with my parents and the evening at a costume party and it was just so sweet and fall-ish.

Better things to come.

Thanks for the prayers. They worked. I have my leadership-stepping-down letter to turn in tomorrow. An agreement has been reached. I'm taking my life back. I really missed the family these last few weeks. See you all soon.