Listening to tummy

This morning I put my ear on Ruby's tummy, told her it was gurgly. She said it was from the milk.

She listened to my tummy and said it was squeaky from the coffee. I said it might be raisin bran, she said it was a birdhouse in there. Lucy added it was a dirty skunk. I said I didn't eat that for sure.


5 days in the ceiling

Beaver was a total freak and spent the first 2 days looking for hiding spots in the unfinished basement, found a way into the rafters and spent the next 3 days on top of a heat duct between some floor joists.

Then, all of a sudden, he snapped out of it and started walking around like he owned the place, totally comfortable in every part of the house. I thought we were going to have a cat that nobody ever saw because he lived in the wall and never came out. Good thing he's normal again. Whatever that means.