Advertisement for big deal

It appears that Dec. 12 is the day. Probably going to be moving then. It's a Friday. Might do more moving on Saturday than Friday, not sure yet.

You know what's super weird? The seller and my mortgage guy and the realtors picked a closing date without asking me! I mean, they picked an okay day, but I think that's really weird and am a little offended!

So, for those of you interested in helping move, I hope there are several of you, mark your calendars and kind of let me know if you're planning on helping that day, perhaps food and beer provided or something. Beer provided is really not our style I guess.


Double doors

Get ready for moving fun! We got double doors for effortlessly receiving the largest of couches! Too bad we only have small couches.

Yes, it's true...

We're moving to Dixon. Pretty crazy, right? And it's also true that we are buying a huge weird house. I am excited, and worried, and overwhelmed, but mostly wondering what this new phase of life will be like. I think it'll be fun, I've decided. =)

We kind of alternate between feeling like we are doing something crazy and impulsive, to feeling like we are doing what we've really wanted to do all along.

And there is definitely room for chickens in our new big yard. =)

So--if any of you are going to be in the Rockford/Dixon area over Christmas break and need a break from family and festivities =) we are having a huge mean an huge buddy moving day, and a huge buddy fix-the-old-house day! and you're invited!

Oh yes, and that's the other thing--we are closing on the new house December 19th! Crazy.

And the fireplace room is the only NOT weird part of the house. There's teacup wallpaper! And pillars! And a sink in the master bedroom! And a weird budweiser bar in the basement! And a mural! And I think I love it!

Tasty Fish

So we just finished a rowdy rumpus pretend game. I must say it did not end well. You see, we had the beds pushed together, and one of them is 8 oe 10 inches higher than the other so it's fun to jump up and around, and I was kind of in the middle and I was the octopus with the tentacles and the tackling and Lucy was Hungry Shark and Ruby was Tasty fish and they ran around and around trying to eat each other.

So anyway I was on my back, and somehow Hungry Shark had managed to sit on my arm and was holding it down, and I look up to see Tasty Fish in midair-cannonball from the higher bed right onto my unprepared self. With no hands available to break the fall, I received Tasty Fish like a sack of flour in the gut and that was the end of that game. I'm not feeling 100% but it was a pretty good game. Go Tasty Fish!